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Improving Company Performance Through Specialized Medical Services Designed For Your Workplace
We are a Nationwide Provider of On-Site Medical Services and a Special Provider to Large OCIPs and CCIPs

NCI - Nursing Corps Medical Services are How Employers Effectively Manage Workplace Injuries and Medical Testing.
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At NCI our goal is to provide unparalleled levels of responsiveness, flexibility, cost effectiveness and expertise through trained professionals.

Our Core Values:
- Medical Professionals are our Inventory
- We make a difference one client at a time
- We travel fast and light - an infantry of Medical professionals
- We aggresively respond to all levels of client concerns
- A tireless work ethic is the treasure of every individual

NCI - Nursing Corps delivers a system for reducing OSHA recordable injuries and off-site medical treatment for workplace injuries.

Record Injuries Cost Employers Millions Each Year
- Thousands of dollars in lost time and medical expenses
- Higher premiums for insurance/workers' comp
- Lost opportunities with clients who require an effective safety record.
- Poor safety records encourage catastrophic damages when exploited in court.

Off-Site Medical Treatment Compromises Your Bottom Line
- They prescribe unnecessary medications making first-aids recordable
- They fail to support / encourage modified/light duty
- They provide overly conservative treatment to avoid potential liability
- They refuse to perform post-accident drug/alcohol testing

Read our Booklet here (PDF)

Medical Services Built for Employers and Tailored to Meet Your Needs Cannot Be Provided at Local Hospitals and Clinics.
Providing Employer Services Since 1990

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