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The Drug-Free Workplace and you

Abuse of drugs and alcohol by your employees creates the potential for unsafe working conditions. This is why across the country various local, state and federal agencies work to raise the awareness of possible dangers and of the means to prevent them. This is the goal of the Drug-Free Safety Program in Ohio, the Drug Free Workplace Act in West Virginia and many others. The guidelines for these programs are designed to keep your workers safe and your business running efficiently and safely.

Drug-Free Safety services by NCI

NCI - Nursing Corps will help you set up and maintain your policy to be compliant with the Drug-Free regulations relevant to where you work. We will help you write a policy suited to the needs of your business. Nursing Corps will address DOT and NON-DOT requirements as well as any collective bargaining agreements, as appplicable. We offer classes to educate your employees on how to stay safe on the job and classes to train your supervisors to recognize and react to potentially dangerous situations. We can provide you with the drug and alcohol testing whether it is in our office or on your job site. We will guide you through paperwork to show that you too are committed to maintaining a safe and drug free work environment.

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