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Other Workplace Testing
On-Site Nurses and/or Paramedics That Make a Difference In Your Workplace

NCI medical professionals also provide on-site:

Blood draws / special labs
Lead/Zpp, Arsenic, other heavy metals, comprehensive health panels, urine phenol, etc.

Workplace Physical Exams
Physical exams (including D.O.T.), Coke Emission, Arsenic exposure, OSHA medical surveillance.

OCIP and CCIP Services
Specialized administration, on-site services, and injury management. Medical provider panel creation, monitoring, and education to assure best outcomes.

Background Checks
Complete SSN verification, county criminal convictions review, terrorist watch listing, and motor vehicle records.

Photo ID Cards / Systems
Drivers license quality credentials to verify drug tests, respirator qualification, training, and identity. ID system hardware, training, and support to enhance workplace security/safety.

Workplace Policy Consulting
Assistance for employers who want to save time and money in policy development relating to safety/medical surveillance.

Audiometric Screenings, Drug-Free Workplace Employee/Supervisor Education and Instructor Training/Certification, Training/Certification to perform drug/alcohol testing, and several other workplace medical services.

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