Over 94.9% of injures treated by NCI nurses resolve on-site without off-site medical treatment.

Skilled first-aid provided by an independent, Registered Nurse can prevent off-site medical treatment and heal recordability rates as well as employee injuries.

Registered Nurses located near the project  are recruited, trained, and oriented to sharpen focus on OSHA recordability, fraud, workers' compensation, and lost time.


Injury treatment area is established on-site in an mobile office unit and all first-aid supplies and medical/testing equipment are delivered.


Nurse works daily with site client management while operating under long refined treatment and testing guidelines and injury documentation.


24 Hour Support is provided to the on-site nurse and client from experienced occupational health nurses.


Nurse performance is directly measured against established benchmarks and weekly first-aid data is provided to clients.


*Low Hourly Rate*

Typically Less Per Hour Than a Single Prevailing Wage Craft Person

All - Inclusive


First-Aid Registered Nurse

Injuries Treated Professionally

Recordable Injuries


Off-Site Medical Treatment


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