1. Case Mgr establishes local medical providers that agree to fair treatment practices including specialty and off hours providers.
  2. Injury occurs, call 740.266.6344.
  3. Case Mgr gathers injury information.
  4. Case Mgr determines if off-site medical is necessary.
  5. If only first-aid on-site is required, case mgr provides direction.
  6. If off-site is needed, case manager calls ahead to make arrangements with off-site provider including providing a summary of injury.
  7. After off-site visits, case mgr contacts facility to review notes, diagnosis, prognosis, modified duty.
  8. Recommendation for compensibility, OSHA recordability, and independent medical evaluation (IME) considered.
  9. Case mgr contacts employee to follow-up ensuring care compliance.
  10. All matters are documented by case manager and provided by Email to interested parties.
  11. Injury treatment is followed until case is resolved, even where employee may move away from the area.


***** OSHA Recordable Authoritative Letters *****



  1. Less off-site medicals.
  2. Less recordable injuries.
  3. Less lost-time.
  4. Less liability for project management.
  5. Case Mgr guidance 24/7.
  6. Employee give confidence in care from independent medical professional.
  7. Abusive off-site medical providers identified.
  8. Transitional work plans encouraged to off-site medical providers.
  9. Detailed documentation.
  10. Timely reporting.

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